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Using Photos In Your Ads


If you are intending to incorporate original photos into your future layouts, then prepare to invest in serious pieces of equipment. Cameras are not cheaps, lenses are bank breakers, and hiring a photographer or a freelancer is not like candy with a price tag. Not only that, you may need to choose props to build, location to scout, models to hire, makeup artists, lightings so on and so forth. If these things sound complicated and expensive to pay for, then maybe you should look from a different perspective, for cheaper and simpler ideas. Let’s get real!

Stock Photos Are Your Friends But Not Always

stock-images ads

Several simple ads use stock-photos and hiring a project-based graphic designer will do the trick to build the concept around it. The only cost for subscriptions ranged from $4 up to $100, depending on the website. Freepik for example has good plans and pricing packages. With $12 monthly, you will have access to multiple graphic assets, ranging from vectors, photoshop files, icons, photos including mockups. An example of inexpensive production within your grasps. Less complication, the easier to execute.

Putting a photo on your layout doesn’t require complex props UNLESS you need to. For instance, in the fashion industry, or the food industry, using stock photos doesn’t fit this field. These businesses cannot be supported by templates and royalty-free elements alone due to the customization of original products and services. 

Do you need to scrimp on images? If you have limited time and money, then a good cellphone or buying your small camera will help you to pass the odds. Lots of small businesses are so busy and producing customized concepts seems like a time-consuming and pressing task. If manpower and resources are not issues, then do create one and assign it to a team of experts. Besides, once your photos are created by professionals, these images can be used unlimited times to help the business grows. 

Images Do So Much Than Just Pixels

pixel ads

A picture is worth 1000 words. A popular quote we’ve heard so many times. Depending on your business type, you need to create a good bank of product shots, although if you’re focusing on service then good office interior, staff photos, even press/blog release are enough. As long as the image is very sharp, supporting the message from the layout, and not misleading the readers. Simple with clarity. 


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