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Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ or frequently asked questions are the combined questions that I mostly recieved on my email, websites and social media. for my visitors and viewers, here are my answer on this FAQ page. if you have more questions that was’nt on the FAQ, don’t hesitate to send me a email on my Contact Page and I will do my best to answer it within 2 days. Thank You So Much!

Graphic Design

FAQ - Job Hiring Nate Helix

How long have you been in the industry?

  • I’ve been in the industry of Graphic Designer with Digital Marketing for 5 years

How long would it take to finish a certain graphic design project?

  • It depends on the project assigned to me, sometimes it can be done in just 1 week, but sometimes other projects may take 1 week to a month, due to the details required and number of the tasks that will be given, rushing it will only make the graphic low quality.

What is your specialization?

  • My specialization in Graphic design are making Logos, Banners, T-Shirt Print Designs, Calling Cards, Package Design, Line Arts, Pixels Arts, Digital Painting, Photo Manipulation,
  • I also do Digital Marketing which I do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which I Increase or improve the quality and quantity on the contents of the website to increase its traffic and ranking.
  • As a Graphic Designer, I also know some part of Digital Digital designs which I sometimes make Elements and Mock Ups, that can be use for editing
  • Basic Video editing, I may add this because I do some light video editing for content purposes.
  • Content Creator, I create contents on my website by writing a blog, making feature images or what others calls it as a thumbnail, Making Videos, and some other stuffs.

What types of graphic design do you create?

  • The types I create in Graphic design are making Logos, Banners, T-Shirt Print Designs, Calling Cards, Package Design, Line Arts, Pixels Arts, Digital Painting, Photo Manipulation,

Do you offer your services as project based?

  • Yes, as long as the tasks given and price is right and considerable, you’ll need to pay first before the Project starts (we can talk about the payments depends on our deal, like the payment can be module per module or what others understands it as Stage per stage).

How many revisions do you give?

  • I can only give 1 to 2 revisions, requesting more revisions than that will give additional charges.

What If I don’t like the final design?

You can still get the final design, its raw file like PDF, JPEG and PDF will be provided as long as the project is fully paid, you may still ask for more revisions but it will have an additional charge if you still want, sadly I don’t do refunds.

Do you totally transfer rights on a certain project? Who owns the copyright for the designs?

  • It depends on the deal we’ve talked about and agreeing together, (like for instances we have a deal that I will be creating a Logo for your brand and you want to own the rights of it that I will be agreeing to, you’ll need to pay the full price of it first, that will be the deal we made).
  • You may take the full rights of the project if it was fully paid.

Where can I reach you?

  • You can reach me through this Email: dkcolty@gmail.com

Will I be able to edit the raw files?

  • Yes! You are able to edit it if the project is finished and fully paid, I will be providing the Raw file of the project.

What software do you use?

  • The Softwares I use is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Da Vinci Resolved.

What file types can you open?

  • File types I can open is JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, GIF, Video, Doc, XLS, ZIP, MOV, WAV, M4V.

Can I hire you as one of our consultants? Full time or part-time?

  • Yes! You can hire me as one of your consultant, I take full time or part time, though I prefer my working hours flexible or around 1:00 PM- 12:00 AM.

Do you do pro-bono?

  • I also do Pro-bono but it depends, you can email me for requests.


What are your payment terms? Do we need to pay deposits?

  • Payment terms will depends on the deal we’ll talk about,
  • Full Payment
    >you may need to pay us full, before I start the project
    >2 revisions will be provided
    >the project will be finish as it has been fully paid
    >you may get the raw file if its done or requested
    >no refund
  • Module per Module (stage per stage)
    > the payment will be divided into stages, depends on the project.
    >2 revisions will be provided
    >You may get the raw file if that stage was paid
    >no refund
  • Yes you need to pay the deposit first.

What type of payment do you accept? 

  • My Payment Methods are 
  • Local BPI, Paymaya, GCash

Do you require a deposit?

  • Yes I require a deposit first

Do you provide printing service (ex. Businesscard, poster)

  • Yes I provide Printing Services.

Are there any separate, extra, or hidden, charges?

  • Yes there are, extra charges will be given if adding more revisions or adding more projects.